The Starter's Guide to UNFUCK Your Twitter Account (DM Consultation Included!)

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The ORIGINAL guide on growing and earning a full time income on Twitter, even if you've never used Twitter before!

Are you absolutely clueless on how to get your first 1000 Twitter followers?

Have you been sitting around for months, if not years...wondering why your account won't grow?

Are you on Twitter every day, seeing other accounts with thousands of followers, making tons of money on the daily...

But you have only a few hundred that won't even give you a damn like?

If so, sir...

You desperately need to UNFUCK your Twitter account.

Listen, if you're like most dudes reading this, you use Twitter every day.

You have skills, knowledge, and expertise that you can relay upon the world to make real friendships, share big ideas, and make real money.

You're literally sitting there, mentally masturbating on Twitter, when you could actually use it to accomplish real goals.

Goals like making at LEAST a side income.

Or starting a respected, profitable personal brand.

Or building a following for that business you have going.

But nah, you're sitting there struggling to figure out how to use the platform.

Hell, if you're on Twitter every day, you might as well learn how to use the platform right

Otherwise, you're leaving a ridiculous amount of time and MONEY on the table.

As any businessman will tell you - time is money, and you're wasting tons of it.

Well guess what? We've all been there.

And fortunately for you, UNFUCKING your Twitter is a simple fix.

For most people, it takes a few tweaks - then they're gaining many followers and they're finally making money.

And I'm not just saying this because I want your money - because as long as you use this guide and have a reasonable IQ, you can do the same.

Now why am I qualified to teach you how to do this, you may ask?

I quit my full-time job from the money I make online, largely selling via my Twitter account (I started at about 8000, and I currently have 22500+ followers) and the email list I built from my website and Twitter.

The information contained in this guide is practical information that I have given away for free to my list over the course of several months.

This guide gets straight to the point. No bluff, no bullshit.

These are the "Secret Scrolls" of growing and making money from Twitter, if you will.

Here's What You'll Get:

How to Grow Your Twitter Following from Scratch (Read this Guide FIRST)

  • A 12-point guide on how to set up your profile, complete with strategies and tactics for growth.

  • How to set up your profile and bio to maximize your appeal to gain a large, engaged following.

How to Get Your First 1000 Followers

  • A very simple, clearly laid out formula to get your first 1k followers as quickly as possible.
  • This formula alone will save your months, if not years of struggling and not knowing what to do.

How to Affiliate Market on Twitter

  • Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online, and most people don't know where to get started.
  • Even with a few hundred to a few thousand Twitter followers - you can make a side income affiliate marketing!
  • This will teach you how to affiliate market - and find profitable affiliates.

How to Profitably Email Market

  • I will teach you no-BS information on how to build an email list with 100s to 1000s of people on it from Twitter.
  • Then I will teach you how to make the gold standard of $2 per person per month from it.

How to Monetize ONE SKILL and make a full time living from it.

  • A succinct, no-bullshit method that you see guys here use to make a FULL-TIME INCOME ONLINE from ONE skill! (easily worth many times the price of this guide alone)
  • A list of digital products that you can create and how to make them.
  • The "Big 5 Benefits" that you'll use for the rest of your life - and why using them sells way more.

Five Personal Branding Mistakes You're Making

  • Five of the most common "personal branding" mistakes YOU are almost certainly making...
  • And how to turn those weaknesses into strengths.

(BONUS) The STING Method for Productivity

  • Learn the quickest way to get work done, eliminate distractions, and effectively time your tasks.

(BONUS) A 1 on 1 Account Audit via DMs

  • When you are done going through this guide, shoot me a DM on Twitter (@westernmastery), and I will gladly look at your account, diagnose your sticking points, help you develop a game plan to get started, and give you ideas on what you can sell based on your skillset.
  • This alone is worth times the price of the guide and has gotten many guys you've seen on Twitter thousands of followers each.

(BONUS) First Dibs on Any Future Twitter Growth and Sales Products

  • If/when there is a bigger, even more in-depth product, you'll be the very first to know so you can get it at a discount way more than the cost of this guide alone.

Now if you're following me on Twitter, you probably know some of these gentlemen - such as Vlad the Conquerer, Armani Talks, and PD Mangan.

What you may not have known is that they've grown insanely fast because of what I'm about to teach you. 

All of these are real testimonials from these guys you can easily find on Twitter and you can independently verify them if you'd like.

See for yourself...

Vlad the Conqueror (@ConquerorVlad)Hey man, just wanted to say thanks for your help. Following your Twitter guide has helped me grow my following to 3,000+ in a few short months.

Plus, I implemented your monetization advice and I've already made hundreds my first month. And this is just the beginning...

ArmaniTalks (@ArmaniTalks): I was new to Twitter. My background was mainly proficiency in Instagram. But when I first joined this platform I asked Sean for advice on how I could grow on Twitter. Sean gave some brilliant tips and tricks for content creation, post quantity and virtual networking strategies. Due to his advice, I was able to grow my following to 3000 followers in 1.5 months. A lot of my success on Twitter can be accredited to Sean. Excellent resource and would highly recommend him.

P.D. Mangan (@mangan150): Sean's advice on how to present my Twitter profile made a big difference to the number of new followers I got. By making it clear what I was about and how I could benefit readers, my follower count increased by over 100 daily over a period of months.

Kobe Gatsby (@KobeGatsby): If you need to know how to grow on Twitter, Sean is your guy.

I’ve been growing like crazy.

Nomadic Jake (@NomadicHustler): Cheers for putting me on the Twitter and email game. Wouldn't have believed it unless I saw results first hand from your encouragement.

du (@thedulab): When I first started tweeting, I had no idea what I was doing. At the time, my only real strategy was to word vomit all of the random thoughts in my head, hoping people would just magically resonate with them and care about what I had to say.

After following Sean's principles to the T, I was able to gain over 1k followers in only a month's time. I knew I had valuable insights to share, but lacked the structured blueprint in order to get people to care.

If you want to skyrocket your Twitter growth and capture the endless opportunities that come with it, I highly recommend giving this guide a gander.

Vance (@MyLatinLife): I wouldn't have half the twitter followers I do if it weren't for advice from @WesternMastery

Stefan Taylor (@OnlineHeavenCEO): Shoutout to @WesternMastery for helping me seriously optimize my Twitter profile.

I used his product to nail my Twitter strategy & his free DM consult opened my eyes to some important details that I was missing.

We all NEED honest, unbiased feedback.

That's how we grow.

SHAUN (@shaunonsite) @WesternMastery REALLY helped me out today with some consulting. He helped me unfuck myself and convinced me to stop BEING a jabroni.

His course on Twitter is fantastic! His tools have helped me get more followers and will do the same for you, too.

Michael King (@8MichaelKing): Bought this guide 10/28.

Over 1k followers in a little over a month. Living proof that it works.

This went from a hidden account I used to watch twitter porn to making me a couple hundred bucks a week from affiliate sales. UNFUCKED indeed

So are you ready to stop sitting around with your FUCKED Twitter account with no followers making no god damn money?

The information in here is literally worth thousands of dollars, if not more.

So if you can put this no-bullshit, practical advice into practice...

The price I'm asking for is absolutely nothing.

And if you can imagine where the money you'll earn from doing what you're doing already on Twitter (except better) will take you...

...whether it's a side income to pay some extra bills, take a vacation you wanted to go to, or to take it a step further and quit your day job...

You know what to do.

Click "I want this" to UNFUCK your Twitter account now!

I want this!
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The Starter's Guide to UNFUCK Your Twitter Account (DM Consultation Included!)

15 ratings
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